Poll: Main use for Ultimate-Guitar.com
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Guitar Tabs
34 25%
Bass Tabs
8 6%
82 60%
Music News
2 1%
Music Reviews
1 1%
Music Interviews
0 0%
"Chat Room" type thing (PMing and all of that)
6 4%
0 0%
1 1%
3 2%
Voters: 137.
It's pretty easy. Basically, how do you mainly use ultimate guitar? I personally use it almost completley for the tabs and I think a lot of other people do too, but you never know. I also start a lame thread like this one every once in a while.
Forums and tabs...

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Forums mainly, and i used to use it for regular tabs, but ever since i downloaded powertab, all i use is power now.
to make fun of people like u

no, i just use it to pick up on new things, so id say lessons
Forums, tabs, lessons, columns, reviews, contests, news, interviews, and the chat.
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Tabs, forum discussion and sometimes info on gear. But Harmony Central seems to be better for the latter.
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I only ever go on UG for The Pit. After all, I'm a drummist, not a guitarist.
So I voted forums.
i started out using it just for tabs, still do but i mainly come here now for the forums
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Chat, then Forums, then Guitar Tabs

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its the only place i can find Guitar Pro tabs, so mainly guitar/bass tabs but its also useful for gear reviews and music news
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Forums mostly, because I download and save all the tabs I want...

How do you do this??
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It goes in this order:

1) Forum (Mainly the Pit)
2) Tabs
3) Articles/News/Interviews
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i use mainly to learn things from forums, because i subconciously absorb things and add them into my playing withoubeing aware of it. So i put lessons.,

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this needs to be one of those that you can do checkboxes. cuz use it for the forums, bass tabs, and music news. so there are multiple things.
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tabs since their the only site left that allowed to have em.... and the forums of course.
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It obviously has not worked yet.
But I will keep trying.
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Forum mainly, the answer of threads is the fastest of any forum i've ever been.
Articles, interviews
Steal This Video lessons stuff
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i use it for about 2/3 of the options you gave.

sometimes when you're spending too much time online, it's nice having a bbit of human contact, even when most people here live on the other side of the world.
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I forgot this site had tabs! ****in' Pit.
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At first is was to get guitar tablature. But now I'm really enjoying this forum. Its weird I only found about this forum about 2 weeks ago but I've been visiting this UG website for a few months now.
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I used the forums, but I also use it for news, tabs, articles - lessons, and those in the van stories. Other than that - waste my days on it.
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Guitar Tabs - lots
Bass Tabs -a litte
Forums -HEAPS
Music News -erm... only if theres something i like on the home page
Music Reviews -^see above
Music Interviews -if its a band i like
"Chat Room" type thing (PMing and all of that) -when theres noone in the pit
Contests -never
Lessons -yep
Other -?
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i started out using it just for tabs, still do but i mainly come here now for the forums