hey guys i have a new song up on my myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/kerwinmendoza called cold hands warm heart.

so i'll crit for crit. please check it out. i found some old stuff i wrote down from 2 years ago in summer about grad and highschool ending and whatnot. and since i wrote it so long ago, there was probably a badly drawn boy influence. meh i dunno if anyone will see it. but please have a listen and thank you.
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Wow the guitar in this is great. Its so peaceful and very pretty. Your vocals are pretty good too. They go together well and I like the melody. I like how your voice kind of fades out in some parts it sounds really good. The lyrics seem to be very interesting as well. I like the backup vocals a lot too you should add them into more parts of the song.

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This is great. The melody and arrangement are great. This seems to have a lot of substance behind the music. The acoustic guitar work is really nice and chilled sounding. No complaints. Nice voice. The vocals sounded a little bit off at the beginning, but after that the rest of the song was great. 8/10

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ya i was too lazy to take the metronome off, i know there's a way in audacity to remove certain noises. o well, at least it's on time.

thanks for critting.
The guitar is pretty solid, though the whole song's ambiance seems a little sparse. The vocals are passable, but not particularly strong. The lyrics are all right for their genre, though they seem a tad bit generic. Nothing too bad, though. My top suggestion would be to layer this song with more harmonious vocals and maybe some strings or piano. That'd be pretty cool.

Crit for crit?
i like the guitar, the metronome in the back... al ittle sloppy haha, but i like the chorusing vocals in certain parts you have some good ideas, i dont know if im love with the 1+1 is 1 just because i feel like it doesnt fit the feeling of the song, but overall this is pretty good, cuold you check mine out?
I really like this song, the vocals and guitar go together really well, and it is really peaceful, it kinda reminded me of bright eyes. Good job keep it up.