Ok on the back of my Sg's neck it says Epiphone Custom Shop, Limited edition?? But I only payed around $450-500 for it, so idk? can you help me out? is this normal, or do I have a good Sg?
Custom Shop Epi's aren't rare, but they are very nice. Like the 3 pup G-400, and the G-400 with the Maestro Vibrola. Those are custom shops.
does it have a 'whammy bar' on it?
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the vibrola is the whammy
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Save them as JPEG's.
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thats one hell of a find. Did it have change in the case? cause you probably stole it from a busker who was off taking a piss.

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But I have Windows 98, only bitmap files can be saved

There are some free programs that you need to look into. Gimp and IrfanView. I'm sure that there are others out there. Go to download.com or google them.

Doesn't Win98 have Kodak Imaging for windows on it. If so check and see if you can save bitmaps to JPEGS (.jpg or .jpeg).

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