Ok so what I know so far is:

Wood matters. Avoid basswood and alder if possible, maple, mahogany, swamp ash and other tend to be better. Not that basswood or alder are really bad, just the others are more preferred for tone/sustain/etc.

3 kinds of necks. Bolt on, set in, and neck through. Bolt on, well... it .. bolts... on... and set in I'm not so sure about. I know that neck through is typically the preferred design.

As far as electronics I am a total dummy... when I actually do buy a guitar I will be relying on the advice from wonderful forums such as this.

Trem is a personal choice type of thing. I hear of a lot of people who simply flatten out their trem (fender) or lock it down ? I guess some versions lock so they don't bend? I don't know. What I do know is Flyod Rose, or Wilson? Wilkens?, or the Ibanez one are decent, the rest can be problematic for keeping things in tune. They all have the tuning issues with heavy use no matter how good they are. Restrining a guitar with a trem can be more difficult, and if you're not used to a double locking trem (the bolts on the head side of the guitar????) you can snap strings if you don't know what you're doing and just start turning stuff...

Anyway... Ok so I know a little... and I've started to seriously look at buying my first electric guitar. I've got a super cheapy little Yamaha acoustic here that I've been able to teach myself some basics on but its really limited for me. Biggest issue really is that the fret board is very narrow and I have kinda fat fingers. Well not fat really, they just don't narrow out at all at the ends. Makes playing an "a" with any fingering VERY difficult.

So I've looked and I've looked and spent like 3 weeks at Guitar Center and reading online, back to guitar center, more reading, and back and forth again and again. My budget is $1000 or less, lesser = better for me on the $$ side. Quality is the main driver here. Doesn't have to be over the top nice, but good enough to last me.

Here is what I've hearned:
Don't like Gibson. Might be great guitar, just not comfortable to play really. And tends to be expensive.
Fender is ok. The Stratocaster is classic look, feel... its what I think of when I think electric guitar. But again, expensive it seems to get something not basswood or just higher end.
Ibanez I like. Friend of mine had a guitar in high school that looked exactly like the RG 1570 does now, had the 2-1-2 pickup setup (H-S-H? I'm not sure what that's called) and the nice trem and was easy to play. The neck was wide and thin and easy to play both ends of the guitar. He was VERY proud of it however and I rarely got my hands on it to try it out. I liked it though.
Jackson I like too. I've tried out a couple models and I think I would choose a Jackson over an Ibanez. That Prestige Wizard neck is just so nice though...
Schecter is where my decision process starts to fall apart. I look at the dollar amount on a decent Ibanez, or Gibson, or Fender, or Jackson (the SL3 is nice, but over the $1k mark) and the Schecter C-1 Classic looks REALLY nice. Its got a unique fret inlay, its got neck through build, nice woods, nice look to it (I would go for the blue since the gold and gold satin hardware on the others is nasty looking to me). And its $699 right down the block at guitar center. I played one, the sunburst, and it seems to play great. For the little I know (a few chords, a few simple rock song riffs) it seems to do well. Until 3 weeks ago I'd never heard of Schecter. My issue is this... when I play one, or run my hands down its neck, or across its body... it feels... like... plasticy.... not quite cheap cause its all well rounded, well crafter... but it feels like its been molded from one huge piece of plastic. Grab a fender neck or the wizard and you feel soft sanded woodgrain grip. The Schecter feels very slick...

What is the general opinion of the Schecter? I can live without a trem, and for the money, with the build and features it seems like the best deal out there.

How does the Schecter C-1 Classic compare to say a Ibanez RGA121?

Is this a good learning guitar? Or should I be shooting way lower, looking in the $300-$500 "My First Stratocaster" category??

Thanks to anyone who can drop some advice, and thanks even more for taking the time to read all of this! Whew!!


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Schecter allll the way. You dont need a classic though, cause you may not like playing guitar. Go for a Gryphon. Its niceeee for the price ($400)
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I already know I like to play... I'm a musician in other ways first (piano for years, saxaphonist for the most part, can sight read like mad!) and I've always wanted to be better at the guitar. Someone handed me this little acoustic and I've had a blast on it. Now I'm looking to try and get a little better, and be a little more comfortable in the playing!

Thanks for the reply!
Alright. What kind of music do you want to play?
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If you can go up to $1000, I'd definitely recommend you get an Ibanez RG1570, put a DiMarzio Evolution in the Bridge and Neck position, and whatever you like in the middle.

That's a quality guitar.
Zepplin, Floyd, Beatles, classic rock mostly. Some newer stuff... wouldn't mind being able to play some nice crunchy Lacuna Coil type stuff with my sister (she sings). Tool maybe, some Linkin Park maybe... some ska stuff, personal stuff that I'd love to get played into my 4 track so I can do some sax work over it... would love to be able to just look at the chord progression off any song and play it simple, sing the words and have people be able to recognice and sing along with me... Can already do that with Hotel California cause its so simple on the chords. Well most of them at least. Originally I had thought to get some kinda acoustic electric (seems like most acoustic have a pickup in them these days) but the size, the noise... I do tons of playing silent through headphones and the electric lends really well to that...
Floyd is by far my favorite and being able to play things like Have A Cigar and some parts of the Wall would be great. Talking Heads maybe... I like a lot of stuff...
Look into some nice Schecters like the C1 Classic. Also try Epiphone Elitest LP's or SG's.
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Amp? Styles?
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The RG1570 would be my first choice if I was just looking for a nice fast thrash guitar that I could bend the hell out of and keep playing. From what I remember, and have read that guitar is great for that and when I'm at that level of play I will certainly take another look at it. Thanks for the posts so far, you guys are great! Too bad I can't get that Sunburst Classic with the silver hardware. The gold just looks so bad...
No amp yet... That's a next step I guess. At the moment I will be playing into my Boss BR-532 which has some ok stuff on the guitar channel. I've had fun playing my sax through the distortion =)

Anyway that connects to the home stereo at the moment... Next month: amp... the spider III looks interesting. Back when I knew a lot more guitar players and band member type people no one would touch a digital amp with a 10 foot pole... have things changed? If its anything like the high end pro-audio world its hard to get anything NOT digital these days.

Any advice on a good starter amp to go with my new (probably the C1 Classic) guitar??
Try out a CSH-1, aka the Schecter hollowbodies, I got one last month, and I just love it. It sounds like an angel. However, you do seem to have the opposite taste in feel of guitars than myself. Try out some Fenders, you might find something you like.. The best thing to do of course is to go into guitar center and play everything within your price range. I'd steer clear of Ibanez; from what I understand, their not very flexible guitars.

I'm not sure you mentioned any amp in this situation. I'd consider spending some dough on a fairly nice one($400-600), look into Vox's, they are great.
what's the reason behind the hollow body electric? I've never quite understood that one...

And why the Vox? They look neat, sure, but is there a definitive reason?
The reason to go for a Vox is because they're a very high quality and high value amp. The Valvetronix line is probably one of the most underpriced on the market today because everyone thinks they must use Marshalls or Fenders.

I'd recommend a Vox Valvetronix AD50VT because it can be kept quiet enough for bedroom practice and it'll have enough power when you start playing with a drummer (without a PA that is..).

As for guitar I'd highly recommend a Mexican Fender; a 60th Anniversary Strat, or a Standard Telecaster . The Strat will do the Floyd better, because Dave makes rather extensive use of the Fender trem for a vibrato effect in his solos. The Tele would do the hevier stuff a little better and would do Zeppelin just fine since Jimmy used his "Dragon Tele" quite extensively in-studio.

The whole "wood" thing is overated in electric guitars. It makes a difference, don't get me wrong, but so do pickups, amps, chords, connector plugs, volume & tone pots, etc. etc. etc. And the wood is by no means the defining element there unless EVERYTHING else is exactly equal.
the biggest decider in ur tone is the amp if u dont have a good one it doesnt matter wat guitar u have it will sound shitty
as for the amp the vox valvetronix are some of the best low priced amps out there
spiders are absolutely the worst ones they will not work good so stay clear of them
as for ur guitar wat u read about alder wood idk but it is not bad it is actually one of the better tone woods and basswood aint bad either its between alder and mahgony in the sound quailty alder is alittle brighter and mahg. is darker bass wood is like inbetween if u wont an ibanez that can do alot of differnet types of music look at there artcore ones theres alot of them the one im talkin about is this onehttp://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-ARC300DVS-Electric-Guitar?sku=517968
thats a great guitar also look at strats i would say no teles because there not very versatile
jacksons arent that good unless its there high end stuff
gibsons are good but u dont like them so i wont mention them and shecters are proly one of the best guitars you can get for decent prices as for the c-1 that is a great guitar it will play many kinds of music but i would look at this one which is proly the most versatile guitar in its price range

that would proly be ur best bet on gettin ooo and online from musiciansfriend almost everything is cheaper by normally alot then guitarcenter and u dont have to pay shipping on orders over 100$
well hopefully i helped
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behringer v-tone guitar pack, it will cost 99 US the amp has good distortion for a starter amp and the guitar is a strat copy, you like strats right? It'll give you good thrills and you can learn the basics on it but it's only for beggining players should last 3 months.
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