I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so dont hurt me if i messed up. So, i'm working on writing this song into powertab, but whenever i justify it, it messes it up.

It's an 8 measure phrase.

1st measure is C5 then 3 rest beats
2nd measure is a full measure of rest
3rd measure is Ab5 then 3 rest beats
4th measure is a measure of rest
5th measure is Bb5 then 3 rest beats
6th measure is a measure of rest
7th measure is 4 quarter notes of Bb5
8th measure is C5 then 3 rest beats

when i justify the score, it moves the quarter rest beats (from the 3 rest beat parts) to overlaping the chord on the first beat of the measure. so, when i play through it, it messes the metronome up because it only writes 3 beats into 4/4 time. what is causing this, and how can i fix it? thanks.
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my only advice is to use guitar pro, i dont see how anyone can stand powertab.
you could import it into guitar pro 5.

thanks, i appriciate the help.
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