I made the guitar part in this song a long time ago knowing that I should eventually turn it into a song...and finally a chorus came to me. I don't usually play piano but I was feeling crafty so I added a lot. opinions please. I'll crit back.

Your song is good but needs some bass. Your guitar sounds like an entry level guitar probably either mahogany or laminate which tends to rob the music of bass. Maybe you could do a bass boost. I think harmonizing your voice would really make this song take off. You can do that by recording a second vocal and harmonizing with your own voice or adding a second vocalist. Good job!

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this song is pretty catchy and i like the use background vocals. i think the best part is near the end of the song, maybe try making that part more intense and it IS possible with a piano and guitar. reminds of something i would've listened to in high school when that whole wave was going on.

also on lights on i like the tempo changes, that's an interesting song. if only it was in 7/4...
i like the piano and chorusing, the whole mix needs more bass though but otherwise its pretty cool, you might i feel like u just need more definite parts in the arrangement, but pretty cool and i think ur right about the drums, i changed the tone on my stuff
Haha i cant help but be reminded of coheed when i hear this. Not an insult to claudio cause i love them, but still it helped me realize how much like a chick he sounds :-D. Production obviously isnt the greatest, but i feel like thats not whats really to be judged on this site, its the songs themselves. So yah, writing is very catchy and the guitar and piano is quite well played and written, and if nothing else makes a great accompanyment. The one issue i had (besides myspace being utterly unresponsive sometimes) was the metranome in the background. I realize it was probably impossible to fix, but still it kinda made it sound amatuer. Also it begins somewhat abruptly, i mean it works but id have something intro it(maybe a fade-in noise of some sort heh) I definately see alot of potential in you, and i want to see you get somewhere with your music, not many yoing people dedicate themselves.
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pretty cool song. i really like the guitar part with the slides or hammers or whatever you are doing there. the lyrics are a little hard to understand sometimes. but your voice sounds really unique. the song kinda has a "tricky" feel to me like you're kinda spying on someone or something haha. if that makes any sense. but it was cool. good job
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Sounds good i really like your songs, this one is interesting, your voice reminds me of Conor Oberst, maybe it's the way you mess around with your voice (that is a compliment by the way ) Conor's like my idol so...

I didn't really like the very start, but the end was really good, mellow, calm and yet eerie and emotional in a very sweet way. Well done
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