Critiquing as I'm listening:

Hm, the start sounds a bit fast for the chords being played...like you're rushing it. But it has a nice sound, I like the tone. It sounds really good, the improv fits in there nicely. It sounds to me like most of the bends, if not all are in tune. I think it would sound better if you threw in some vibrato and some double stop bends.

EDIT: Got to around 2:40 and it started to...lose it. I didn't like what you did there with those bends and what not.

over all,

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Okay, the tone's pretty good. You're kinda sloppy, and it gets worse toward the end. The bends are out of tune, and considering that I naturally have a good ear, it makes listening painful. If you read Guitar One, one of the old issues with Satch on the cover has his guide to make your playing better, and the first thing is an excercise that teaches you to bend in tune. Basically, you play a note, and then you bend up to the same note from a lower fret, so you have a reference note. Also, using the same minor pentatonic and blues scales gets boring after a while. Have you considered learning about the modes? Also, try to branch out a bit from blues, and try some jazz, classical, folk, country, or maybe even metal. Just because you play the blues doesn't mean you can't have theory knowledge, great chops, and varied influence. Hell, it might give you the inspiration to make music that gives blues a breath of life, because, frankly, it's kinda boring now. You have potential, but you'll have to work to get it to surface.