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Well, what was your first solo you ever learned? Mine was the You Shook Me All Night Long solo by AC/DC.
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probably Surfing With The Alien...

I Lie...i think it was the intro solo to one by metallica
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Livin' Lovin' Maid (She's Just a Woman)- Led Zeppelin
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Master of Puppets - This is one of the few songs I bothered to learn all the way through
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Erm, none I guess? I prefer to make up my own solos. (A.k.a. I'm too lazy to do it the same way as the original artist)

Well, if you can call it a solo, then I learned the one from Nirvana's version of "The Man who Sold the World", but it's basically like, a Bridge or something.
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Uhhh... "Tommy Gun?"
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Probably the first solo in Wish You Were Here...but I don't remember all of it...I don't really care too much about learning solos usually...I can make up my own usually.
we're not gonna take it...

but the first cool solo i learned was aces high
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you shook me all night long...but i couldnt get that damned part where it upped to the high frets
Before you accuse me off the clapton unplugged album. Very easy yet increadibly fun to play...
Smells Like Teen Spirit or Californication...I can't remember, but it's one of those two.
Hero Of The Day-Metallica
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Probably "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath was the first solo I bothered to learn. I don't learn that many solos.
probably smells like teen spirit
My first solo would be
Living Loving Maid

I like to make my OWN solos and people can learn from me.
The intro solo for "Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd"

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Either Smells Like Teen Spirit, or Them Bones, by AIC.
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Sum 41 - Hell Song... back when i liked punk rock
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On guitar beverly Hills by Weezer, because I learnt it all on guitar (as much of a challenge it is) and decided the solo would be easy. The middle one, not the one at the end. After that it was Smells Like Teen Spirit, but since I'm a bassist I don't take time out to learn any complex guitar solos. On bass, my first proper solo learnt was the first one in Orion. Which I didn' bother actually learning, more get the basic shape down and improvise over it.
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Hotel California - The Eagles
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Anyone remember that song?
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Sum 41 - Hell Song... back when i liked punk rock

Same here... i thought i was so good when i could play i feel ashamed haha
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