Ok so I have played a few small gigs for crowds of anywhere between 40-300 people and now Im playing a 2 hour set for about 2000 and Im nervous as shit. I havent played shows like that in a long time and Im really nervous.

Any tips, tricks, or secrets to getting over it?
good luck man all ive ever done is a small battle of the bands
Let us know how it goes. and if your playin for 2000 people you must be pretty good any links to your music?
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No links to music. Its a local concert to show off local groups and such. A couple big name Texas bands will be there. Its not a huge deal but its just bigger then anything Ive played in awhile.
2 hour set? crazy

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"yea, isn't that crazy?"
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Well, it goes without saying to know your stuff, and to just pretend it's a smaller crowd.

Now, this next bit of advice is up to you, but here's what I do. This isn't just for guitar, it's for anything stressful like big tests and things. I do little or none of the activity the night before. If I do it, all I can think about at night is the test or performance, and I get shitty rest.

This works for me, and maybe it's not a great experiment right before a big event, but just throwing it out there.
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Hopefully you're giving 100% at every performance. So, do the same thing no matter how many people there are.

With that many people, though, what you will have to worry more about is organization. Keep all your gear together and out of the way. Know what time you're supposed to load in, set up, sound check, go on, etc... Don't EVER piss off the sound guy (even if he's a certifiable dickhead) just suck it up and put your energy into the performance. Don't be the guy that throws off the schedule, and don't let any other members of the band be that guy either.

If you take care of business backstage all you have to think about when you're onstage is rockin' the house.
Quote by deportivo
2 hour set? crazy

Yeah, its a 2 day concert at a local ranch.

But thanks for the help guys. Its good to get some other peoples input on how they deal with it.
If ur one of those people who care what people you think of you, then u should be fine -
They'll probaly never see you again, or they like your music and wont care if u make a mistake or sumthin
Just play your easiest stuff first. You will be nervous for a whole 5 minutes, till you realize taht its fun, and you will go all out. Then you will be a little less nervous next time, etc etc.

EDIT: And I say play your easiest first because if you play your hardest, thats more pressure and nervousness, so youd tend to mess up more, and increase the likeliness of you freezing up.