So I've been wondering, I've been using this one strap, but it let's the bass fall off real easily if I play it upright or doing anything too crazy, which sucks. And I was wondering if those Dunlop Straplocks actually lock the strap to the bass, or if they don't make a difference at all. What I'm guessing is that I might just be needing to get much larger straplocks than what I have.
straplocks definitely work just make sure you mount em right if you get the flush ones it looks alot nicer too just depends on what ya want and you can get the dual strap locks where you can use a regular strap or the strap lock i have the flush mounts and the dual one and they work fine for me
If you properly install a set of Dunlop strap locks (which would be pretty hard not to properly install), then you should be able to swing your bass around by the strap. They lock on directly to the pegs placed into the bass so there's almost a 0% chance of them falling off. Unless of course, you don't tighten a nut or something..in which case it'd all fall apart and your bass would skid across the ground.
I just use the plastic ones you can take on and off, and they work fine.
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I had the same problem and went the ghetto way and tapped up both of the strap tips even the hole about 3-4 layers of electric tape and I unscrewed the strap holder and screwed it back through the strap and in my bass. Holds like a charm, but I wouldn't try doing a full spin with it.
I have metal Dunlop straplocks on my bass(because I don't trust plastic ). They work nice because when my straps brake in they always fall off.
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