I have a limited edition LP and I wanted to know if the body's on these LE are the same mahogony/alder combo or all mahogony, how do you tell?
Well I bought it off ebay so I dont have a specs sheet, and im still sort of a noob so can't really tell the difference between tones really
Unscrw the plastic covering on the back of the guitar. If, like me, your epi is painted black inside, it will be harder, but hopefully, you will be able to see the wood for yuorself.

PS: I'm presuming yuo know what mahogany looks like.
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Well....not really...lol...sorry but i can see the wood but i notice the bottom part of the inside is a light wood color and the sides are more of a brownish red kind of color or something like that
if it's really light, it's not mahogany. mahogany looks like this:

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Hmmm Yeah the sides or whatever it is, is mahogony so im guessing the other lighter wood would be the maple top?