How Do You Make the GuitarSCREAM
What I mean is when you bend a note, make it go really high pitched, like in solos.
Ive been playing for a few years, and Ive started a band (Cobalt Authority) and when I play the solos, there's those few notes that I just really want to make the guitar SCREAM, or SHREEK or however you refer to it
Dont make such an annoying title. You make it scream and cry by either doing a harmonic on the high strings and bending them with vibrato, or the whammy bar, or you can hit really high notes and bend and vibrate them. You can make it "scream" on low frets too. Look into harmonics and pinch harmonics.
^lol. yeah its all about the pinch harmonics.

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I made the annoying title cause it stands out, on some forums my threads' gone dead before anyone's veiwed it
Just another technique really... I can make the G string on the 12th fret scream, cry, twang, and maybe even moo if I try hard enuff. It's just how you put pressure on it and bend it...

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Pinch harmonics.

Hit the string with your pick, then in one fluid motion hit it with your thumb.

And never make a title like that again, I beg you

Or something similar, just hit that and bend the 12 up until your happy or you reach an A, (same as 10th on B)
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if you add volume swells to a bend, it can sound kinda screamish. maybe you could add volume swells to pinch harmonics or something. with pinch harmonics you can get a different sound by where the pick is. for example: if i want to do a pinch harmonic on the high e string on the 5th fret, i could put my pick over the same note but an octive up. this would make the harmonic sound like you are harmonizing with the octave of that note. i could also pick it somewhere else and get a different sound. try pinching in different spots and see what kind of sounds you can get.
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lol u mean like putting ur first finger on one frett and the second finger on the frett next to it... then pick it and bend it up as hard as u can?

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Depends on the style of screaming you want. The standard way is through pinch harmonics like everyone has already stated, but if you want that long sustained sickening siren like scream like Dime used, you need a floyd rose.....and patience getting used to using his technique as well as using the floyd rose in general.
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