Hey guys, im going to be getting a new guitar soon...ESP LTD MH400NT, and i'm going to swap out the EMG's for something passive, because i need versatility for now, at least until i get another guitar.

okay, now cleans are fairly important for me, and i don't necessarily want the shrill, harsh distortion of an X2N, but i do want something fairly hot. what i value in tone is warmth and articulation, so yeah.

anyway, my musical dilly-dallying lies mainly in melodic hardcore, punk, and some metal. occasionally i do slow bluesy stuff as well, and i like to switch to cleans randomly all the time. so even though i need a good amount of rhythm, i still want solo flexibility...i'm not going to be playing power chords 24/7, you know.

Neck Pickup: k, so i've basically decided on a FRED for the neck....any suggestions for/against this? the major competitor is a PAF Pro, maybe a breed. i'd be using the neck pup for cleans, so does anybody know how the cleans on the breed/fred/pafpro compare?

Bridge: yeesh, heres where the tough decisions come in. i'm really inclined to go with an Evo in the bridge, but considering that its really shreddy of a pickup, i'm not sure if it'll bode well with when i need rhythm work, though i'm sure itll be kickass for solos.

i'm also considering a D-sonic, but i play standard or drop D mainly...so i dunno about that.

super long post, sorry, lol. thanks for the time

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uhm it sounds like you should give a set of dirty fingers a try, i suggest them all the time, cuz they really are a great pickup for just about everything, jack of all trades.
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I think I would go with the PAF Pro over the FRED. Don't get me wrong, the FRED is a great pickup, it's just that it has this slightly notched tone that you won't be able to get rid of easily. It's great for shred and stuff (listen to Flying in a Blue Dream by Satriani-that's a slightly extreme version of the "notched" tone I'm talking about), but it just has a bit too much of it's own character to be versatile.

The PAF pro is an awesome pickup though, for both neck AND bridge. They came stock in my PGM301, and they really are amazing. Very versatile pickups indeed, they have very nice sustain, clarity and harmonics. I'd strongly recommend a set of them to you.

The Evolutions are very nice pickups as well, but as you say, they may be a bit too much of a lead-voiced pickup for you needs. Good metal pickups tho, but probably a bit out of place in punk. Same with the D-Sonic-just too high output for your needs. It makes quite a scooped almost nu-metally tone.

Just my tuppence tho. The best thing is obviously to try some out, even though that probably means you'll end up with a bit of a trial and error thing going on. It'll be worth it when you find those pickups that nail the sound you want though!
When Dimarzios come up I allways suggest the Super Distortion as it is my favorite. Very hot yet very articulate. Randy Rhoades used them. For the neck i like the PAF Pro great neck pick up cuz it has great cleans and a nice smooth solo tone. Also i like The HUmbucker From Hell in the neck maybe check that out though i dont know many people who use it
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yeah, i heard a couple of clips from when gilbert was in Racer X and i really like his neck pup tone, so i think i might go with the PAF Pro. thx nolly

still not sure about the bridge though....anybody else?
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Most versatile Dimarzio bridge pickup is the Norton - it's not so hot that it won't clean up, doesn't have that mid-spike that you either love or hate and will chuck harmonics out at the drop of the hat. If you want something that'll cope with pretty much any style its well worth considering. Paf Pro is a nice neck pickup, the Breed neck is similar but it's warmer and fatter...it leans a little more towards the lower midrange rather than the upper mids of the Paf Pro
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I've never tried a Norton bridge, but the Dimarzio website recommends them for opening up the sound from mahogany guitars, so that sounds like a pretty good choice! Plus they recommend teaming it with a PAF Pro as well.

The PAF Pro will definitely help nail that Racer X tone. My PGM into the Laney just gives that sound by the bucketload, it's awesome!

Good luck with it mate, let us know how you get on!