I've been playing bass for a while and I wanna start getting different sounds for my bass so i wanna get a multi effects pedal so i want to know which ones are good? i heard the me50b was good but what do you guys think?
Well, in all reality, mulit-effects pedals aren't usually that great, you'll have to get the rackmounts to get the good ones. However, for just finding the actual effects you like, I would say go for it. But the ME-50B is most definately one of the best multi-effects pedals you can get.
In my opinion, multi-effect pedal's aren't very good. They don't give you all the range you could be looking for. If there are only 1 or 2 effects you are really looking at i would definately recommend just getting single-effect pedals.
I agree with the above two posts, they sound funky and they are really confusing. With single effect pedals you just press a button, and maybe dial in some different tones...but with the multi effect pedals you have to click this button, that button, turn this down, press this button, etc. It just gets ridiculous. Unless you can deal with it, in which case get one.