i play mostly iron maiden and metallica stuff and some blues jazzy stuff i'am currently looking at ESP LTD JH-600 and Fender American Stratocaster which would be better?
Fender Strat is what i would get,especially for that blues jazz stuff
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dont get the jeff hannahmen guitar buying sig guitars is the worst decision unless its for collecting purposes and the reason y is because u will never be able to get out of that tone for the music they play like that one is for metal unless u mod it u will never be able to really do jazz or blues i would go with a strat hss that way u have the humbucker for metal and then the singles for the blues and stuff
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well some of the guys in iron maiden play strats (with different pickups of course) and strats are great for blues/jazz so i'd go with the strat. It wont be very good for metallica stuff though
Fender. Your first two good guitar purchases should usually be a Strat style (3 single coils) and a Les Paul style (two humbuckers). You can't really go wrong with a Fender Strat. Buying a signature guitar is kinda' silly IMO, and the ESP's I've played haven't been through decent quality control.
wad if i buy a strat and change the pick up's to emg actives will i get a crunchy metal sound?
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wad if i buy a strat and change the pick up's to emg actives will i get a crunchy metal sound?

if you have a tube amp yes, but that will ruin the blues/jazz cleans
I would probably go with the strat, but have a look at some of the actual ESP's not the LTD's, my ESP Eclipse has seymore duncans (with coil tap) in it and i can play everything on it, blues, jazz, rock, metal. Plus the quilted maple top=sex
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Then..get a gibson les paul studio?

Or an ESP LTD EC-1000 , with the duncans. Those will serve you well.
get the fender, and theres no reason you cant get a great metal tone with singlecoils.
the metal you play isnt reallly crunchy and over the top so the single coils will do fine
I say either go with the ec-1000 with the SD's or the american strat.

Honestly, the strat is VERY versatile...but so is the ec-1000...so, really depends on what feel you like better.
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Get a fender, and put a Hot Rails in the Bridge. The Fenders are great for jazzy stuff, and all the guys in maiden use fenders.
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If can EQ it right, EMG's can give you that Mcglothlin type clean sound and then everything else really. People here are pretty bad on the bandwagoning saying that EMG's are only good for metal, but you can get any sound out of them its just how well you can EQ. If you do get EMG's, what else do you want in a guitar? If you want a Floyd Rose, then check out the M or MH series by ESP or some Jacksons.
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The jh600 is the jeff hanneman guitar right? Well if you play maiden get a strat cause all 3 use them.
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