sup if u like metal music and some heavy metal music im. my aim is pacsun812. well list all of ur favorite band names and the songs they play
SmashingPumkins is awsome\headbang:
Hello F_N_B73.

Do you want to play a game?

You have been a nooblet all your life. Never succeeding at anything except masturbating.

In front of you is the metalforum, a place of elitist and people with overal good taste. If you surive you will still be a ****ing noob.

That is your test.

/watching to much saw.
Oh shit. A wild newbasaurus!



Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
Quote by F_N_B73
list all of ur favorite band names and the songs they play

you first.
Youtube covers


There are a few rules in the metal forum which will make sure you result in non-immolation.

1) Learn to spell and use proper grammer. Seriously, You will be flamed unto death If
you talk like dis. Or LiKe tHiS.

2) Being friendly is not encouraged. All idiots and noobs must be "Burned at the stake till they are deemed fit to re-enter society".

3) Don't start pointless threads.
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this thread is going to become a flame fest.
Read the rules first threadstarter and never underestimate the power of the metal forum.

I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.