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what a ****ed up contest.. drink as much water as you can and hold it all in.. to win a wii. Sad how she was doing it for her kids.

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the radio station fires 10 staff but check this out... wtf.

"The DJs had made comments joking about people dying from water intoxication during the show"

"Two hours in to the contest, a female caller, who identified herself as Eva, phoned in to warn the radio station that drinking too much water can kill. She said, "Those people that are drinking all that water can get sick and possibly die from water intoxication." One DJ replied, "We are aware of that," while another added, "They signed releases, so we're not responsible. It's ok.""
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So, did she win or not? JK thats horrible. What a lame way to die. It's sad.
Wow that's sad, I feel sorry for her family

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that ****in sucks.
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Well if it was a PS3 then...

JK... seriously, that sucks... her poor family..
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Shouldn't the contest people know that you can drown yourself from drinking too much water?
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Wow, that sucks. I feel bad, especially because she was doing that for her kids. That's a shitty way to die =\.
I smell a lawsuit coming up.
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did they seriously not know that you can drown yourself by drinking too much water???...thats sad that she had to die because of some stupid contest designers who didnt know that...especially over a wii, thats just terrible
What the fuck... ruined my weekend.
Sadness to the max...
Thats sad! How could you ever look at Nintendo the same? I can see the station now though, "And the runner-up is..."
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did anyone else notice her name is jennifer strange?

but yeah. stupid contest.
giving the kids the wii will be really weird tho lol.
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water intoxication? that's a new one..
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I laughed at the thread title, but now I feel bad.
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thats a ridiculously irresponsible thing for the radio show to do, the fact that she was a mother just makes it even more f*cked up.
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That sucks ass. I feel sorry for her kids and the rest of her family. I hope that they give her kids the Wiii for that. She did't deserve to die.
here's me walking into the thread beliveing some person died from using the Wii. not so, it seems.
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This is actually Really sad...I feel bad for the family.

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that's so sad.. id hate to be her kids.
" my mom died when i was (insert age)"
"I'm so sorry.. what happened?"
"She was holding in her piss to win me a Wii"
Does anyone reckon the station made her sign a waiver or something along those lines?
I wouldn't even hold my piss in for a vintage left-handed Les Paul. A|ctually, I'd have a go, but you get the point. It can cause irreversable damage to your bladder, or worse, as we have just discovered.
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