I am having a problem with Palm-Muting. i can handle the down strokes just fine, but on faster songs that require a constant, speedy PM, i just cant get it down. i realize that they are alternating strokes while PMing but how in the world is this done? it sounds like shit when i try to alternate my strumming while PMing... any advice?
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same here... my upstrokes are in a different timing to my downstrokes... i downstroke, then suddenly up, then wait abit, then i do it aain =\
all it is is strumming with your palm on the bridge. just keep practicing the parts you want to know without actually muting it, and make sure your hand stays in the same place. eventually begin muting it. i hope this helps.

if you are stuck for songs to learn with alternating palm muting, try some avenged sevenhold (eg beast and the harlot and unholy confessions)

good luck
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