Simple the Russian (BMF?) Muff has a much darker sound when compared to the NYC one. On UG most guitarist prefer NYC and bassist for the russian. Personally I prefer the russian.

But just try them out to see what you think.

Here's some sound clips
Big Muff NYC

Sovtek/Russian Big Muff

There are also some minor diffrence like one only runs on batteries
^Actully alot of people here prefer the russian, such as me and R_H_C_P. The russian is darker and a bit softer in its tone.
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Yea, I like the russian for guitar. But I bought it for bass, and it's even better for bass.

There are quality control issues with the russian.

While it is true bypass, the wires used inside are so cheap that it still sucks some highs. It's an easy fix.

The pots are cheap and probably won't last long, also a very easy fix.

Adding a DC input is easy to do aswell, if you want to.

The jacks are flimsy, and they are the only things holding the PC board on. The jackss are easy to replace, but mounting the PC board properly will be a bit difficult.

Still, it's definatly worth it.
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Russian FTW.
It sounds more rough around the edges and a better overall fuzz. Cheaper too. But that is kind of accounted for by the quality control. But it's built like a tank and doesn't really sound like it would crap out any time soon.
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The russian one, it's great for Smashing Pumpkins.
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