TRADE: jackson warrior with emgs and locking tuners for stock ibanez s520ex

I'm looking to trade my jackson warrior with emg's and sperzel locking tuners for an ibanez s520ex its an amazing guitar sounds great but i prefer ibanez guitars, uk only if anyone is interested i'll get some pics up
i have one s520ex with emgs in and have a set ready to go in the new one and ibanez s's are just better :p
ibanez s's aint better imo... i "traded up" for one... my old guitar was a jackson dkmg dinky with emghz's and that was better... besides the birdge! the zr bridge totaly blows the floyde out of the water.
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i agree the zr's are i think the best tremelo imo but what did you think was better about the dinky, was it the lightly shorter 24 fret neck?
man i hate how Ibanez is praised for the ZR. Vigier was the first to do it.
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