Alright, I really was gonna go for that one Jackson JSX94 and mod it to death, but now i found this beauty for about $400CDN. Only thing is I'm worried i'll be throwing in that 400 for a pile of 20 year old dust I've read though it's pretty much a japanese made soloist that's built quite solid, but I'm not sure if it's '20 years solid'. anyone with knowledge on this know if these guits are built to resist? I heard i might have to replace the pups and perhaps the bridge, and i'm willing to do that, but should I be worried about the rest of the hardware/neck orientation, possibility of headstock breaking off etc.? Also, what should I check for especially when i'm examining it? thanks.
I got an American made Charvel/Jackson and its 20 years old and still f'ing owns!
The only problem ive had with it is that i broke a string hook on the 20 year old bridge.
The bridge is a Kahler, mind you.
It is awesome
You can't go wrong with them mate
Gooby Pls.
If it has been looked after decently it should be fine. Could need a fret redress though.
charvel model 6 quality i have heard is as good as the jackson sl1
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