I was wondering if this song I downloaded really was a version of Creep by Muse. All I found were tabs and lyrics for Radiohead, so I wasn't really sure. But the singing does sound like Matt Bellamy and I don't really listen to Radiohead, so I couldn't distinguish between the two. So if anyone knows anything, fill me in.
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>>>Muse only thread

And no its actual radiohead in that recording, as far as i'm aware muse have never recorded that song altho yea they do have a lot of b-sides...
Yeah, we have a very popular Muse thread all ready.

I have that song, sounds like Matt to me, but like you I have never listened to that much Radiohead to tell for sure. However, I do remember some of the radiohead fans in the Muse thread mentioning it, so I think it's real.

EDIT: I listened to the original version, then the "muse" version, it's Radiohead
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