Howdy, this is from my cousin (he doesn't have a UG account so he asked me to post this for him) so I will just give him the link to the thread so he can see the replys (sp?):

Quote by James (tombo32's cousin)
Hi, I am looking for amps at the moment , and I saw the
Randall valve dimensions 150w Tube/Valve Head and Cab, does it have good tone and is a good amp to up size to.
The link is http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Randall-150w-Tube-Valve-Head-and-Cab_W0QQitemZ300068592518QQihZ020QQcategoryZ10171QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem, if you could suggest any good cheap combo’s or cab and head’s that I could buy that would be great. As I don’t know really too much about a good tone in a tube amp and am looking for an amp with good tone and distortion and nice cleans.

Price range: up to $1700 (AUD)

Music style: 80’s metal/rock, shred, metal, classic rock ect. – Van Halen, Racer X, Mr. Big, Judas Priest ect.

Guitar that I'm using: Ibanez RG570 with stock pickups.


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Well then he shoudl get a tube amp, that amp doesn't seem to be the right choice. Check out the Marshall DSL, Laney GH and Peavey 5150/6505.
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With Van Halen as the first on the list I can't imagine why the 5150 isn't obvious. It is also one of the cheaper options for a tube head that gets good gain on its own. Beyond that a tube amp can be further tuned to taste with a tube replacement. Some people even like to tame their 5150s. Though with no clean styles listed, I doubt that will be the issue. I have never played a DSL, but the overwhelming reliability issues I read about turned me away from ever trying one. And I know a lot of metal players like ENGL heads,but I have never played one of those either (they are far more expensive too).
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