ok im planning on buying a new amp right,its gooing to have tubes and is going to be a 100 watts or more.
i have a few in mind:
-Marshall Jcm 800
-Marshall Jcm 900
-Marshall Jcm 800 Zakk Wylde Custom
-Hughes and Kettner Trilogy
-Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
-Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier

Cab wise well the Jcms would be ran through a 1960's B,the Hughes and Kettner would be ran through a CC412B and the Rectifiers would be ran through the 4x12 Three-Quarter Mesa Cab
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Wtf do you need with 100 watts tube power??????!!!!

My 50 watts tube amp could blow the roof out of most mid-sized clubs in my city, and could probably run a 3-4K thousand people show on its own.


Are you gigging arcadiums already?

Edit: If you're deadset on 100 w, however, you'll need to tell us what music style you're playing and what guitars you have. If this is listed in your sig (I forgot to look), ignore this last part.
Q about tube amps:
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You do realise that with 100w you won't be able to get power amp overdrive in a normal situation without spending money on an attenuator first?

I'd scratch the 900 off the list, it's not up to par with those other amps.

Also you listed a few different sounding amps, you need to decide on what sound you want before you shell out.

And repost this in the amps forum, you'll get better answers there.
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I would get the Hughes & Kettner Trilogy it's great!
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ok i play alot of various styles but mainly metal,classic rock,blues,you know shit like that,metallica,ozzy,bls,deep purple,ac/dc,hendrix,cob,bands like that.100watts...you ask why?well i know the owner of one of the guitar stores near me and he said he can give me a 100watt amp for a couple hundred more then a 50watt and i mean hell whats a couple of hundred.Atm the moment i have a Esp F-250 but its got Emg h-4's in it(got some better wiring done),there passives and ive played them on a mates jcm 900,gave a awsome sound.i also have a epiphone zakk wylde les paul and thats got the emg 81 and the emg 85 and played this guitar on the same jcm 900 and this sounded even better.he also let me play his gibson les paul and that hits another level of great sound.my mates got a jcm 900 and a mesa/boogie and hes opinion was he loved his distortion on his jcm but loved the cleans on his mesa.and also dont think im a noob at guitar ive been playing 7 or 8 years and my family and i just got the cash to spend on a good amp,my dads a stinge.

EDIT: also i wanna get something that has reverb on it and is basic to use nothing more then gain,mids,high,master,etc
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people who think that the tuning peg things have to be straight. I went to the bathroom once, I come back, and my friend detunified my guitar, and then asked why it sounded weird. ARGG!!!

^ if u like it id get the jcm900

Its hell of a lot cheaper than a recto and well im quite happy with myne if u like the sound its all about prefrence what u think sounds best. id try out the other amps first maybe though.
red_spider personally I'd probably pay more for a 50W version of an amp, in most situations it'll sound better than the 100W dimed at the same volume, as for needing more than 50W of power well seriously I doubt you ever will. As TGM mentioned but you seemd to have overlooked, you're not going to get many opportunities to crank a 100W tube amp therefore losing out on some of a tube amps greatest features, tube breakup. You don't tend to want/need headroom on a tube amp unless you want loud cleans, you give up tube distortion though if that's the case. Sure the difference isn't huge but yeah I'd always choose a 50W tube amp over a 100W. Basically you don't need an amp that goes louder than a drummer, if they mic the drummer for more volume then they will mic your amp too and a 50W tube amp will compete with a drummer easy.

As for which amp, which one do you prefer? There's your answer, if you don't know what they are like, try them.
When I was searching for an amp, Mesa Triple and JCM2000 were top on my list. I settled for the xxx with no regrets.

Research, research, research.

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It's not about 'needing' so many watts of power. Wattage does not universally equate to volume as it varies from amp to amp. However as a general rule between 50 and 100 watts there's usually a volume increase of 3 decibels.

The only realy value of going 100watts over 50watts is the increased clean headroom you get, whether he's playing in a stadium or not is completely irrelevant.
^ also, they can sound a little different.

what's the budget?
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