right now I have a m-audio firewire solo. It has 1 XLR mic input. When I bought it I didnt think about needing 2 XLR inputs. Now I want to record singing and acoustic guitar at the same time so I need 2. Is there anything I can hook it up with to record with more than 1 XLR input? I was looking around and saw this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Xenyx-802?sku=631263 Like I said im a newbie and I'm not exactly sure how those work. Would it be possible to hook that up with my firewire solo and record onto my computer using those mic inputs?

Well if i'm screwed, can any of you guys recommend a good audio interface with 2 XLR inputs and phantom power? I'm also in need of 2 condenser mics. 1 for vocal and the other for guitar. I got 300-400 to spend on this. It would be nice if you guys could give me recommendations or anything that can help me out , thanks
Play the guitars however u wanna do it, twice. Record one each time and then just lay the tracks over n line it up how it should be.
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For the mics IMO you can't beat the MXL 990/991 package for the price. Try a Presonus Inspire or Firebox for the interface.
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IMO the M-audio solo is POS for the money. Why bother with firewire with such limited input channels. I would try and sell it on ebay and get a mixer, especially if you are trying to do anything live.
It happens, I thought 8 channels was all I need, soon enough I'm looking to have 16 for some applications. Just goes to show that expandability is the key.