Good morning to all,

I've decided on a pair of Dimarzio Breed humbuckers for neck and bridge on my Ibanez RG1570 (HSH). Now I'm looking for a (Dimarzio) single coil for the middle position. I'll be using the SC position for:

Mainly Red Hot Chili Peppers sort of stuff. So funk rock, but also blues, etc. The lighter styles basically. Although I want it to have enough top end for the funk stuff (Stone Cold Bush, Funky Monks, Fela's c*ck type of sounds.. [those are all RHCP]) I want it to sound warm as well with enough bass (I don't like tinny-sounding pickups...). Old school single-coil sound with a modern edge basically is what I want .

I would like it to match the Breeds output-wise as well, so that theres no huge volume differences, etc.

Any suggestions/insights?

Thanks in advance,
Yea, I was thinking about that one. Do you use the neck or the bridge version of the BV? What type of sounds do you get out of it, and what type of music do you tend to play on it?

Oh, and just for the rec, which humbuckers do you have in the neck and bridge?

I'm using the Neck version, with the classic Ibanez layout, Tone Zone/Blue Velvet/Air Norton. Gorgeous clean tones in neck/middle position, really ricyh and warm. Nice twangy sounds out of it by itself with slight distortion. I'm in a metal band, but I like to calm down sometimes with some nice cleans. I imagine it'll work well with your Breeds, though you might want to look into the Red Velvet if you're after a more vintage tone. If not, I recommend the Blue.