Hi guys, i was just wondering what you thought of Australian screamo/emo/pop punk

if you don't know any there is:
The Getaway Plan at
The Valley, who used to be Emo, changed way heavier, and might be going back
the song "sorry when you're smiling" is still up on their myspace and is of their old style.

and i just found out this new band from Sydney Australia called Guns For Glory!
give em a listen andl et me know what you think

i saw em last month at ag ig and they ROCKED!!!
yeah but those guys were losers.
Oh God... I'm so glad someone said My Disco, they are truely brilliant.

The Nation Blue are also a favourite of mine and are in a similar vein as My Disco.

Behind Crimson Eyes are kind of shit now, back in the day they were good though.

The Getaway Plan and really good, although it's a shame they kicked Benny Chong out.

I'm really digging Closure In Moscow (www.myspace.com/closureinmoscow) at the moment though.

And Guns For Glory were OK, but I wouldn't go and see them at a show.