I saw this thread and thought it should be shared i hate emo's and agree with this 100% although i do not care much for the swearing. any if your emo please read this wake up to yourself and go smoke a joint or get a root anyting

Ok I seen that article on Bert McCracken, and laughed, so I thought I'd sign up and express myself to you people.

As far as this shit goes, Emo is a stupid fad and you know it. All you homo ****s need to WAKE up and quit listening to this shit. It's destroying Male™. This music, and any music like it, is sorely grounded on image. Why the **** bother HAVING an image? to appeal to all the retarded failure people who have no emotional tether, so they wear their sisters jeans and try to hang out with her friends. roflmfao, it's all about image.

You may say "well hur hur Slipknot is about Image too!!!"

Wrong, its the exact opposite. They hide their appearance, so little bitch teenagers can't dress up as them, and turn them into a marketable fad. What you see, is their alter egos. And If you emos listen to slipknot, please don't. Their music is too good for people like you. It's the EXACT opposite of what you people "stand for" and I use that loosely.

Back to my emo rant >:U (****ing nubs) Oh look at me, i have cuts on my wrists. I have silly hair all over my face. Wrist slashing, isnt escaping from reality and delving into pain to escape torture from yadayada. It's 15 minutes of bliss for you ignorant people. It just a meagre attempt at getting attention, from people who neglect you. Maybe your neglected, because, you and your faggotry ways push those people away from you? mb?

you Emos ****ing piss me off. Your very essence is grounded on hypocrisy. You can winge and whine about Life™, and how much shit hurts, then be a hypocrit, and say life is meaningless, so why the **** whine in the first place? Shit happens, get over it. Quit whimpering the same old retarded lyrics about daggers, broken hearts, and drowned sorrows with bloody tears and WAKE THE **** UP. As this forum section header states, quit crying in your lonely cold pillow.

Quit taking yourself so ****ing seriously. Go hunting, shoot a deer, get drunk and roll down a hill in a bin, let the **** LOOSE.

Those who don't appreciate life, do not deserve it.

To bitch about how much it sucks, and then to be a martyr and continue living, whining about it, i have no respect for you. Please, quit life right now. Just ****in have some balls. No one cares for you. You are just a marketable number, a figure on the scales. Profit for the corporations, pushed out sludge of the past age. Your Insignificant shit and should be wiped clean from the face of the earth. Hell, you know it better than I do. Just look in the mirror <_>

Whats even worse, are the fake emos, who only do it for the image. You people are a ****ing insult to me. Its like theres a big factory somewhere, pumping you people out of it through a ****in tube. The image, the music, its all a ****ing FAD. You people kill music. You ****ing kill it. You can winge about how the lyrical content of The Used and MCR are "unique and literate" but it's all stupid shit. So your girlfriend dumped you. BIG ****ING WHOOP. LIFE GOES ON, TRY AND WIN THEM BACK, SHOW THEM YOU AINT A ****ING PUSSY, MAKE something of yourselves. I see clusters of you people, everywhere, ironically underground, hypocritically labelling yourself, and even more ironically, you conform, to non conform.

Mass produced, sold out, kids. ****ing keywords right there.

How much does self glorification cost to you people?

How much does hair dye cost B)

OH, Don't even bother replying, for that +1 to your post count, because I wont listen to bullshit. This is my first, and last post here. If you do reply, it only proves, that you are trying to prove yourself to everybody. No one should prove shit, no one should NEED to. If it really isn't what I say it is, why bother saying anything at all, the only thing you'll be doing is, telling yourself more lies, to make yourself feel as though you are a person. You won't be telling me, you'll only be telling yourself. You go do that. Ignorance is bliss.
However, i know you will reply, because ironically, the ego you don't have wont let you take it. Because you people are predictable, dont listen to the actual tru7h and will never be a real person.
You all look alike anyway, way to go on the originality thing [/smoothlol]

Now ask yourselves this. Why do you care, if it really is just the internet
Because what I say is true, and it hurts your achey breaky heart

It's a mad world. Your either the prey, or the hunters.

In your horrible world, however, your either the food or the water dish

that is all.
slipknot are one of the worst bands out there, and dont judge people because they dress in black or listen to different music you faggots
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