Hey guys, i'm 1 part of the trio that is the band "What She Promised"

I'm guitarist/every-other-instrument-you-hear-in-the-songs/singer/lyricist/composer and (even though i sound arrogant) the driving force behind the band

Helen is singer/Pianist/lyricist and runs the publicity side of things (getting us gigs and normally getting our name out there though i seem to be doing that right now)

Ryan is the guitarist/composer and back up lyricist, the person we turn to lyrically when we're really desperate

The recordings on the sites are normally of just me or just me and Helen or just Helen, Ryan hasn't had much to do with us yet but he's there to give the songs more depth and control.

my Dmusic which has a Hallelujah on it, me and Helen sang Hallelujah Accapella and it's probably the only one on there at the moment with her on there, the rest are me and most of them are dodgy home recordings, the new ones are proper recordings that i've done track by track

Our Purevolume which is just 4 songs that me and Helen decided to put up i believe there is one with both of us singing but again it could just be me

Our Myspace which is again 4 songs, this time it's 2 of Helen singing accapella and 2 of me from my home recordings

Tell us what you think

We're from South Australia

Most of our stuff is acoustic, and just played on guitar at the moment because i haven't had a chance to get the piano over to my place or set up properly to record but soon we'll have some stuff up for you, hope you enjoy
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