Do you go up and down on chords or do you only do the down strokes?
Im only going down and trying to practice this up.
depends on the song but yes you need to learn both ways mostly open chords, or barre chords im not sure about power chords
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I wondered since a few weeks as well how to play chords with a pick.
well, my guitar teacher once told me to play powerchords with 2, 3 strings
in alternate picking, up and down.
i think it´s really hard to do it.....
and what about the open chords?
It is good practice, and unless you are sweep picking I would guess that you should alternate pick them.
Well when you do a chord, be it a power chord or a 'proper' chord', with an upstroke (as opposed to a downstroke), you're putting more accent onto the higher strings instead of the bass strings, so it'll have a slightly different feel to it, even if you're playing them real fast. Normally I try to avoid alt picking chords, but I do often do things like

5 5
0 3 0 0 0 3 0

d u d u d u d

or whatever, sometimes for the sake of that slightly different sound, sometimes just to make playing it easier/faster, whatever. There's quite a lot of room for experimentation with that; if you combine it with some muting you can get some really cool variation merely from accenting the same chords differently. So yeah, practice it.
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Ya, thats a good point of what ar73m said. When up picking, you are supposed to accent the top few strings. You can play it however you like, but it just adds another element to it.

But for the original question, you have to learn how to do it both ways. Its basically twice as fast and just downstrokes, which you need for chords. Also, you can add different rhythms much more easily.

EDIT: now that I think about it, that shouldve even be a question. Of course you have to play it up and down. Thats how chords are meant to be played. What is happening to guitarists nowadays? Is everything being played today just metal?
I dont mean to be a dick however. Just saying how I feel.
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Do you go up and down on chords or do you only do the down strokes?
Im only going down and trying to practice this up.

You can do it the way you want it, whatever sounds better
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