so i did ALOT of reasearch lately and came to the conclusion that these two guitars are currently the top contenders in the A/E category for $300.

I'm def. gonna buy one of these soon, but i'm not yet sure which one. they say th epi. sounds better plugged in and has many features, and though the tak. lacks features it still sounds excellent unplugged. ??


any advice will be greatly appreciated
Well it's kinda asking if we like apples or oranges better. Both are good, but it's a matter individual preference.
My advice would be to try to find them in a guitar shop and play them both to see which you like better. THere's alot to consider that we can't know. Such as neck shape etc and which fits YOU the best.
But IMO I think a Takimine will generally have a brighter tone than an Epiphone. If that helps any.
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Also check out the Washburn D10SCE in that price range.

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