Im really stuck...can someone give me a little advice on which they think is the better product?

Which has the most features?
Which has the better features?
Which has the better pedal?

Please help me decide...
Boss also have a pedal in the £300 range y'know?
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i dunno about the rest
I've got a boss ME 50, they have a lot of stuff, and its based on actual stomp boxes instead of amp modelling, so it gives you a bit more variety.
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have you look at reviews for both? I ended up getting a second hand Boss GT 6 from ebay instead of a ME-50 from a local shop. mainly cause of the rip off price. I tested the ME it was ok, though i didnt know much about the pedals at the time.
Id suggest finding as many reviews as you can for the moment, then you ll know how easy to use they are and their features
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that was my predicament a few months back, then i decided to slowly acquire different compact pedals. however i was more towards the ME-50 than the XT Live.