This is the 7th song for my solo album 'Carnivalesque' and it's pretty long. It's vocal-less at the moment but in the final version there would only be a bit of vocals anyway, really wanted to focus on raw sounding acoustic guitar - no effects, no other instruments, etc.

I think It came out sounding pretty good for a preliminary version but it's no my opinion that necessarily counts; what do you guys think?

Crit for Crit of course


Click here for the mp3
I like it. YOu have a lot to work with there. I think when you are doing the little quick picks you should include another guitar in the back ground along with it playing an octave or two higher as it tends to get old quickly and I think that would make it much more interesting. Good effort. Would like to hear it when it is finished.

Would you mind reviewing Calico Girl?