I'm not sure if this is an obscure or not so obscure electric bass but I need the expert opinion of those who might be familiar with the brand/model.

Here's what I know:

1. It's Made in Japan
2. has a JBass-type bridge pickup and a PBass-type in the neck
3. no pickguard
4. 2 tones and 1 volume knobs
5. PBass-type tuning pegs
5. 34" scale
6. 24 frets (believe it or not)

Not sure how useable the high 4 frets are since they're kinda deep into the body. The beast weighs like your typical Fender PBass. It plays nicely like a PBass but with the added JBass PU, I like it even better

I have the option to buy this for $80 from a little pawnshop but the store owner, rightfully, won't let me peek under the neck to determine what kind of body wood it has. I've checked Harmony Central and googled it but couldn't find anything.

Anybody familiar with this bass? Is it worth the $80 or so? Thanks!
Back in the mid to late 80s, Fernandes (Japan) built a Strat clone made of Alder and a Flying V made of Mahogany and both were called The Function. Since they were in the business of making American copies, I'm thinking that the Bass copy (The Function) would be made of Alder. For $80, it'll probably be worth it. Heck, you'd think they'd call it something else