i have had a les paul and the head has broken of it some years ago then repaired then recently with in the last few monts has broken of again it is been repainted ect but now there is a hairline crack near the head, is it about to break again?
Well, probably. Maybe you should consider treating this guitar better; accidents happen, but two (or three?) times isn't normal.
is this an epi? or at least bolt on? if so, try buying a new neck if you can find one...

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well it has only broken once for me and once for who ever owned it before i mean its pretty old (1973) maybe the wood has rotted or some thing? might just sell it and buy a new one that isnt prone to breaking its not an epi its a proper les paul with a guled in neck (cant remember what there called(set neck maybe)
The headstock is the achilles heel of the Les Paul. If the first repair was done correctly and you managed to break it again, and again, then maybe you should be nicer to your guitar.
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Either be nicer to your guitar or the initial repair was done poorly. My understanding from various pros here is that the wood glue used is actually stronger than the wood material.

Yes, if the headstock has been repaired properly it will never break at the glued part again, it will break the wood somewhere else instead.
damn i duno if its in the same place but its really worring me cause of all the work its had done its barely recogniseable as a gibson(like micheal jackson is unrecogniseable as a black man) the head has been sanded so it has no serial number and the words gibson have been painted over?