I made this song in about an 1/2 hour

She falls to the ground,
They crowd around
She looks up in disapointment
she sees the one she loves,

Where did we go worng
Did i say something worng
All i want to do is make it up to you

She stands up and says to him

I love you no matter what
Becus what 3 things you said
that one night,
I'll never forget
I love you

Thats all i need
To hear from you
My Darling (hold)

He stagers off
Laughting with his friends
She stands there and smiles

At least i know
He'll be my angel
tomorrow ..he'll be mine

She died today
In a car crash
He never got to say good-bye

He never touched another beer
In his life
Now he wished
He didn't scew up
As much (hold)

Now shes in hell
Never to know how
Much he misses her

(no music)
In the distance of his mind
He hears a voice say

My angel don't cry Plz for me. <said by a woman very softly
What I got
Epiphone 57' Les Paul Jr. limited
Gibson les Paul jr. historal (bad spelling)
LTD Les Paul ESP Custom
Epiphone Les paul
Washburn lion 4 string bass
Some effects
And 2 amps (two 30 watts amps)
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