oh my god

I put my tobacco under my upper lip, just like anyone would do.

Yamaha RGX A2, Fender FM 212R.
Good luck man!

Ahhh, how I remember the days of when Iron Man was difficult...gotta love memories

Get it down and practice practice practice!
I downloaded a .exe once, opened it, and it pretty much nailed my computer, and yes, by nailed I mean, got it's **** out and shoved it in my computers ass.
it was so long ago i played that ive forgot it. i might learn it again now.
lol priceless memories flooding back to me... *stares blankly and reminices* I'm gonna play Iron Man with you!!
you better learn Paranoid too buddy
The Big Three

RR1 Rhoads, Dean FBD Dimbag Tribute ML (check), Ibanez Bad Horsie JEM

"blacker than the blackest black...times infinity."

"so get your ass checked out before its to late, turkeys!"