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Broken Hearts Mend

Sorrow is but a hole to the untrained eye
A bottomless pit forcing early goodbyes
Tears shed for what is not understood
Lives disposed of rather than the memories that should

Bright turns to black,
just as it must turn back.
The night clouds grey,
but must return to day.

The place of no return,
is sadness for those who yearn.
Longing for the end,
or for their hearts to mend.

Hatred breathes through broken sighs,
that of which must fade.
Continued speech of love despised,
dwelling in the shade.


You may wish upon a star,
yet still hide the scar.
Though soon you will see again,
that love does not feign.

I once stood in common shoes,
to smile again I did refuse.
Now stars shine upon my heart,
finally a brand new start.

Love is but a fable to the untrained eye
An empty emotion forcing innocent to cry
Words said in false fashion
Thought it doesn’t truly lie,
as my beloved is my passion.


"Look Up":
Curse the air for letting you breathe
Fight the man who doesn’t let you bleed
Open your eyes and look around
As the whole earth’s heart is pouring out

Around you are the people that made your brain
Listen to sounds that make you insane
Around you are the people that put you in chains
Let them tell you your own name

Do you cut your wrists but close your eyes
Don’t you see your bleeding all the time

Curse the breaths you constantly take
Polluting the entire human race
Look at life in the face
And rebel till death takes your place

Do you cut your wrists but close your eyes
Don’t you see your bleeding all the time
Is your life all but fine
Doing all you can to waste your life
Bleed all of your life

I saw you fall into their trap
I watched it all go by so fast
You used to think you were alone
But living in chains is your home