hey guys i recorded the little wing intro last night and posted it on you tube, iv been playing for one year now and when i first started playing, little wing was one of the songs i was desperate to learn so after one year here it is, i know its not perfect so any constructive criticism would be appreciated



(oh yeh it is a little out of sync cos of its size)
It's okay I guess. I like the tone but it sounds as if you put a ton of reverb to cover the mistakes. I'm not even sure if the guitar is tuned properly. It's just sloppy.

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The attack sounds from the reverb are great, but try not to let the notes/reverb hang for to long, then it just folos what the guy above said.
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Ya, I've been playing for about a year myself, and I know how frusterating it is when you really want to learn a song, but you just cant quite get it . And well, you almost got this one, just a little more practice to make it sound smoother, and the same thing people said before about your reverb, you know. But ya, I'd say good job, and keep us posted on your progress, and I'm in the same boat as you .
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