Not bad for a new guitar player. Buy some new strings! Your playing well for someone playing such a short time. You will notice that you hit plateaus as you play and will get better and better without noticing it. Guitar strings go bad so replace them frequently. Probably every 30 days at a minimum. Your sweat and oils on your hands start the corrosion process on the steel strings and that robs them of sound. Good job however on the five strings you have.

Would you mind reviewing Calico Girl?

Sounds kinda indian, but I like it. And especially for only playing for 4 months, damn I'm impressed. And it's really creative for only being playing for 4 months. With some new strings, and a new amp/guitar, you are going to be a reallllly good guitar player one day. Keep it up. Just try playing it with a metronome. And maybe learn the vibrato technique. It could make that piece very interesting.


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