Ok. so i have a budged of 1,500 USD i play mainly hard rock heavy metal and i like folk maybe some neoclasical but thats just like a few songs so i'm looking at a few guitars
one would be this

or this is also appealing

now i havent realy looked into any other guitars so i would like to know whitch of these you would prefer and suggest for me and second maybe suggesting a few other good companies in this price range or in a lower price range wouldnt be bad just as long as its not a sucky one.

thanks in advance.
well do you really 12 strings?
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i played the 12 stinged neck its easy each string is doubled thats all and you play chords on it umm basicaly the only trick is to get used to it. its not realy as hard as it looks
Well the double neck has the 'bling' effect, but it ways a freaking ton.
But it's great for practically any music.

The Studio is a nice guitar but it's more of a bottom line think, get a standard or custom or something.
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theepiphone is custom but do you guys know any other good guitars from diff companies ex. ibenez cause i havent realy looked into them that much
12 strings isnt ever need unless its acoustic so i would bother, plus are you hench? u need to be if your gna be playing that double neck a lot. les paul studios are wank, you need to spend more if you want a les paul. a top end epi is better than a low end gibson. look at ibanez for rock, an rg for heavy or an SZ for more rocky twangy mellow stuff.

from your description i'd get an SZ the best one if you can afford it. (not the emg version). or if all else fails buy a fat strat (a real one) and change the pickups.

schector are also good but i've never played a high end as there impossible to get hold of here in the UK.

but you just gta go to shop and play everything to find out what you like. i would recomend ordering off the net the prices may be better but you probably wont get the same as when u tried it in the shop down the road. ever piece of wood sounds different as any real player will tell you. so its down to te individual one. go and play them.