A piece that brings alot of emotion when I play it. Also an acoustic song.

Growing up,
You'd always tell me lies,
About my father,
But you had the red eyes.

Have love in god,
Your guide through the day,
Always preaching to me,
Now i'm here to say,

Preaching all your love,
But practicing your hate.
Time to get out,
Before it is to late.
On your way down,
To the depths of hell,
Absorbing all your lies,
Should've bettered yourself.

He's just crazy,
What you told them all.
But i'm still standing,
While watching you fall.

Taking over her life,
Succeeding very well,
Draining the life of my mom,
But I will prevail.


Where did you go wrong,
At what point in your life?
Do you feel manly now,
Abusing your wife?

The one thing I did learn,
Was to live for myself.
Living for this god you praise,
I'd rather be in hell.