right im lookin for a few songs to play at the moment as im off from university for a few weeks no one in the house so i can crank up the volume.
Im looking some heavy rhythms, a few fast riffs, and some good solos nothin to insanely fast and only small sweeps if there are some, as i suck at sweeps over 4 strings.
I know theyre metalcore but the riffs in laid to rest by lamb of god is the kind of stuff, also stuff like the riffs in thunderhorse by dethklok or heavier stuff if theres anythin you can think of.

I dont like Necrophagists riffs, one because some of them are damn fast but mainly they arent the sound im looking for but i like stuff that heavy so fire some suggestions my way. All metal genres are fine for me. Apart from stuff like metallica as thats not the type im lookin for.

EDIT: has to be in standard/ wole steps down fom standard/ Drop D/ or steps down from Drop D as i cant be arsed making any crazy tunings.
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