what do you guys think about buying gutiars from ebay?anyone whos had that expierience??like if i went to my shop and tried it then buy it off ebay?do you think thats a good a idea?
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Often i've found it fine, or so a lot of friends have told me. I've never personally bought one, however i have considered a few.

However, be very careful. Make sure you check their feedback is legitimate and make sure there's pictures of the guitars serial and try and check from that if the guitar is "real".

Just be careful.
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I've bought a guitar off ebay, I had no problems but I went to check it out first. I'd recommend with any guitar, TRY BEFORE YOU BUY
my advice would be don't let the shop you're trying things out in know that you're buying off of ebay or online in general....

i work in a guitar shop and there is nothing more annoying than someone coming in, trying everything, asking loads of questions and then just leaving...

guitar shops aren't showrooms! lol

I'd rather try out a guitar before I buy. It lets you make sure that the guitar has correct adjustments, etc.
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