The first riff is really, really good, but going into the second riff really doesnt work at all. The second riff itself is fine, but they dont link together. It works slightly better into the third riff though. I'm not too sure about the lead guitar bit, but it may be the poor quality of GP. The song does have potential, but it seems like you've stuck too many riffs and styles together in one song, and it doesnt really know what sort of song it is. It could work, but bits will need changing or cutting out. If I were you I'd play around with the intro riff, as its very good.
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i like the second riff. has a better groove. the three don't fit together though.

crit mine?

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sorry guys about the last 2 posts the language used there is arabic, we are lebanese



we apologize again

and for mmhead ,i really liked every riff in your song but the combination need a lot of work
thank you men that was really great from u all.
as u said that i can't beleive that there is a lebanese person who liked my song, i was wondering if u can help me to correct the following riffs.

barké samedi minrou7 w min chouf bass 3and 7awwa w mnijé minzabbita. ya 3ars.
so what do u say?
he means eat shit. "kol khara" in arabik means "eat shit", so i'm gonna tell him "eat my dick", so in arabik it's "kol ayré".

you guys must learn some of these languages, we do know yours.
hey man lets stop bumping this thread with bullshit before we get banned...
why don't you move to the pit? i don't think anybody in this forum is intrested in learning other's languange...
the riffs apart are good but if you listen to it twice in a row it sounds like a screwed up techno song