how often do you all practice? usually i put in anywhere from like half hour - 2 hours a day... but most of that isnt really practicing, just more jamming and ****in around. i usually play like 350 days a year
if your fingers arent bleeding, then your not playing hard enough
Yeah same here really, it's hard getting into a regime but it does pay off eventually.
an hour -3 hours daily
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I generally just play any time I can. Hell, I'm playing/practicing right now.

Anywhere from 1 to 6 hours.
i've learned that the amount of practice time you put in is irrelevant unless it's efficient and correct...i usually put between 1-3 hours of correct practice in my daily schedule when time allows it, and i can honestly say that i've progressed much faster with my current attitude towards practicing than back in my beginning days, playing 8 hours a day with no direction or discipline at all
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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