how would i go about this? would it be particularly hard? i have heard the all rose wood necks are very nice and smooth to play, but i am really looking for the smoothest wood to build the neck from, and the most bluesy tone for the fretboard
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im guessing you'll go with indian rosewood? lmii sells blanks sufficient for a strat-esque neck, and grizzly sells larger blanks for bandsawing out a gibson style neck (which i would not recommend).

what type of neck construction are you planning? i've built a gibson style 3 piece angled headstock rosewood neck. it came out nicely, but rosewood is extremely difficult to work. it dulls tools very quickly. i wouldnt use rosewood for my first try.

id coupled it with an ebony fretboard, but that depends on what body woods youre using and what tone youre looking for.
Rosewood isn't that expensive, East Indian Rosewood that is.

But if you want to do that with Brazilian Rosewood, it would cost you an arm and a leg at least.

EDIT: The only realy way, I figure, to get the truss rod in is to rout out a channel on the underside of the neck, drip the truss rod in (It might have to be non-adjustable), and then just put a skunk stripe over the channel to button it up.

I've never done it before, but it seems like the best way to do it.
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