I'm quite sick of all these shredders who are all the same... but lately I've discovered kiko loureiro and I love him, he is quite different from the big mediocre group of shredders... He's does some amazing jazz-shredding! has anybody else heard of him?
it was a brazilian power petal band called angra, and i have both of his solo albums and there both amazing
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ah... I thought I've heard his name before! His solo stuff is really jazzy so I didn't reconize him! I'm a big angra fan myself! I thought I just discovered him but I've been knowing him for years!
angra is an awsome band
and his solo work is also great
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Sure, I've got most of his solo records. Good player.
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yup, been addicted to his stuff long time ago, got his solo album
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I've only just found out about him, and have heard very little. But what I have heard I've liked.
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