i am going to be 18 in a week and i want to use the 12 months same as cash financing option, which both sites use. but my question is, how hard is it to get approved, can u do it with no credit? is any site easier than the other? any info would be much appreciated
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because you are just turning 18 it might be hard to get approved. My bro tried that and was rejected, but he just had my mum get it and he gave her the money. If ou have a lot of job experience and have a current, steady job it might be a bit easier but still tough because they wont be sure if you can actualy pay them back.
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I would assume they are about the same..seeing as they are owned by the same company
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Just get it under your parents and you should have no problem. Or if you want it under your name, I think they like you to have some credit, but I know Guitar Center is pretty laid back about that. If you have an account you should be good with them.
idk if my parents would do it..... but to the guy who said don't get a loan, i'm good with this, i'm getting an rr3 and i'm gonna put 400 usd as my first payment and i have a steady job so the 12 months same as cash will be a cakewalk
i play drums and guitar :