i have a boss ns-2, and the threshold is just not high enough. im running p90's, generally into a tube screamer then a little big muff, and there's TOO much buzz for the ns-2 to handle. is there a mod where i can increse the threshold on the pedal to compensate for this?

thanks in advance,

I personally dont know of any NS2 mods, but someone else on here might.

What type of amp are you running into? This may be an issue of too much gain somewhere along the line, knowing what amp you are using might allow someone to help you a bit more
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i have a 6505+ and i use the nt-2 and it works fine.....i dunno what's wrong....
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here's the simplest mod:

1: sell NS2 on ebay.

2: purchase decimator instead.
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Does that amp have an effects loop? Cause when I put my noise gate in the effects loop it barely does anything but when I put it on the regular input (after all the other pedals, of course) then it works fine. I don't have the same one as you, but I really doubt that you need to increase the threshold...
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